Management of an apartment house

Successful management and supervision of an apartment house combines many factors to realize a great result. There are for example the structure of tenents which fit to the house, the level of repair and maintanance and modernisation necessary to reach a longterm value development, easy transition at tenant change, selection of best supplier and service provider and other important parameters.

We make sure that your apartment house develops best.

Property management of modern apartment houses

Managment of an

apartment house

When we manage an apartment house, we take care of all aspects of management,  letting and maintanance for the house.

Here are some of our services for your real estate:

  • Communication to local authorities, provider, tennants
  • Management of payments, accounting, controlling
  • Preparation of anual additional property expenses calculation and settlement with tenants
  • Organization and supervision of necessary maintanance
  • Suggestion of necessary activities to ensure preservation of substance
  • Review existing contracts with provider to ensure efficiency and ecconomy
  • Search for new tenents if necessary
  • Regularly visits at the real estate
  • Regularly information to the owner

If you have special questions or wishes concerning our cooperation, we are pleased to understand and serve your needs.