Management of a business unit

For a tenant in a business unit, fit of the unit and the given surroundings are very important.

Sometime even special agreements are necessary if apartments and business unit are under one roof.

As the point of contact for your tenants, we take care about their needs and questions fast and reliable. This helps to ensure a long term lease.

To develop your property excellent requires a satisfied tenant.

Business center contains sales and administration units

Management of a

business unit

At the management of a business unit, we realize the management, maintanance, lettings and development of the real estate unit. We are in charge of all tasks to your convenience.

Here are some of our services for your real estate:

  • Communication to local authorities, provider, tenants
  • Management of payments, accountig, controlling
  • Preparation of anual additional property expens calculation and settlement with tenants
  • Organization and supervision of necessary maintanance
  • Suggestion of necessary activities to ensure preservation of substance
  • Review existing contracts with provider to ensure efficiency and ecconomy
  • Search for new tenents if necessary
  • Regularly information to the owner

If you have special questions or wishes concerning our cooperation, we are pleased to understand and serve your needs.