Management of an ownership community

Management of an ownership community means we represent and support all owner and borad member. As a neutral authority we are committed to the total real estate and its development. To moderate between different interests of owners also is part of our services. Beside having  a good household, we are focused to support a positive value development fo your property.

Management of old  nice apartment houses in Hamburg

Management of an

ownership community

In an ownership-community we represent all owner and board-member and support and manage the community and their living together.

Here are some of our services for your real estate:

  • Preparation of the anual budget
  • Preparation and management of anual owner-meetings, account audits, records and journals
  • Ensure realization of decissions from the owner-meeting
  • Communication to local authorities, provider, tenants
  • Management of payments, accounting, controlling
  • Organization and supervision of necessary maintanance
  • Suggestion of necessary activities to ensure preservation of substance
  • Preparation of anual additional property expens calculation and settlement with owner in the ownership community
  • Review existing contracts with provider to ensure efficiency and ecconomy
  • Regularly visits at the real-estate

If you have special questions or wishes concerning our cooperation, we are pleased to understand and serve your needs.